Harrow Housing

A new-build timber clad housing scheme on a constrained site in between Harrow and Wembley in the London Borough of Brent.

The site had an extensive, entirely negative, planning history which included a dismissed appeal. The main constraint on the  site is a large protected Horse Chestnut tree in the garden to the rear. Consecutive planning applications by previous owners were poor quality and had not addressed the complexities of building in close proximity to the Horse Chestnut. After purchasing the site in late 2014 we commenced a lengthy planning process which resulted in three planning applications to arrive at a proposal which maximised the development potential of the site.

The first proposal was for an ambitious multi-unit development which drew out the main concerns of the planning department. We then submitted a single house proposal which, together with daylight studies, arboricultural reports and engineering proposals appeased all of the issues with building on such a constrained site.

We then modified the design with relatively minor changes and re-submitted a proposal for two-units, a one-bed and a two-bed flat. Both units have generous outdoor amenity spaces and off-street parking. The project is an exemplar approach to small site development with multiple constraints.

Completed: 2017

Location: Sudbury, London Borough of Brent

Tree Specialist:
Haydens Arboricultural Consultants