Clapham Housing

A phased development with multiple stake holders, that utilised Permitted Development rights to convert office to residential use. High quality contemporary spaces were championed whilst value was maximised.

A total of ten units were delivered over four phases of work in a high quality retrofit design approach using the often maligned opportunities of Permitted Development Change of Use. The original office units all varied in plan and section resulting in various typologies being developed including one-bed studio flats, a 2-bed upside down house, loft style 1-bed apartments, a 3-bed split level unit and 1-bed maisonettes.

A series of strategies were developed over the course of the phased development. Sectional volume was exploited by introducing ultra-thin, 100mm thick, mezzanines to the upper floors adding 30% more floor space raised into the vaulted ceilings. Stairs to each office unit were re-configured to ensure maximum plan efficiency. Opportunities were sought for the insertion of custom ‘furniture’ elements, in oak or steel, ensuring efficient functional space was created whilst imbuing a high level of contemporary design.

The thermal envelope was entirely upgraded with new insulation and linings installed to the existing roof structure and walls. The building fabric performance was further enhanced with new high quality window and door treatments throughout resulting in efficient electrically heated spaces.

Value: undisclosed
Client: Private
Status: Completed
Location: Clapham Common, Lambeth

Phase 2 - Plans & Section
Phase 3 - Plans