Folded House

The property was originally end-of-terrace with an angled flank wall that created a ‘cake-slice’ shaped in-fill to the side of the house. The site geometry formed the concept for the large rear extension and an angular form evolved. The roof is formed from three ‘folds’ framed in triangulated steelwork and in-filled with exposed timber framing.

The rear elevation is also angled in plan defining the change in material from glass to zinc and function from dining to living, externally from patio to garden.

The angle between the long flank wall and the roof to the side-infill is constant, and therefore the ridge beam rises as the plan widens towards the garden. The roof over the new living space is then folded to resolve the geometry of the angled main ridge beam with the shorter flank wall. An angled custom roof light reinforces the dramatic geometry.

Externally the aluminium cladding is punctuated with an oriel window which frames the garden view from the kitchen. The aluminium cladding is reflected in the dark panelling to the kitchen and utility room wall. Concrete floors, exposed brick and white painted timber complete the restrained material palette.

Don’t Move, Improve! 2019 – Shortlisted
Grand Designs Magazine, September 2019
Daily Telegraph Magazine, May 2021
New York Times, December 2019

Complete: 2018

London Borough of Wandsworth

DFRYER Consulting Engineering

Stale Eriksen