Coffered House

A coffered loft construction reveals a deep retrofit to the upper storeys of this Victorian home. Additional rooms and a master bedroom ensuite are created under the new, highly insulated, roof. 

The new loft extension is a custom Accoya timber-framed window system, contrasting the horizontal composition with a vertically coffered design. The wall incorporates four conditions, fixed double glazing, opening double glazed window, opening ventilation panel and fixed insulated panel.

The master bedroom ensuite occupies the full width of the front of the house, enjoying abundant light from a series of six windows. The interior is defined with generous fixed cabinetry, designed by Proctor & Shaw, for our opera singer client, finished in scalloped oak, oak veneer and shop sprayed wardrobe doors with a contemporary coffered panel design.

Don't Move Improve! 2022 - Shortlisted

Completed: 2021

London Borough of Southwark

Blue Engineering

Nick Deardon