Soffit House

The repeating ‘hit and miss’ pattern of the existing terrace rear returns presented the opportunity to create a private and vertically generous infill extension.

Finished in a beautifully crafted traditional parquet Portland Limestone, the new excavated floor level creates a more comfortable ‘middle ground’ between garden and basement levels without ceiling heights being compromised.

The rich material qualities of the floor are matched above with a timber soffit finished in warm oak battens. Its planed surfaces contrast with the knarled patina of the refurbished existing timber floor boards. The oak soffit sweeps upwards at the existing house, revealing a frameless glass opening to sky allowing daylight Into the heart of the house.

Don’t Move, Improve! 2020 – Overall Winner
Grand Designs Magazine, April 2020

Completed: 2019

London Borough of Lambeth

Radu Palicica